Choque con un poste, tu carro quedó un poco mal. Fue sin querer, ya no voy a beber (quiero retroceder) Y algún día yo lo pagaré, si es que me va mejor. Podría haber sido peor Vos decís que me vas a ahorcar, pero yo no te creo, Me querés y el tiempo sanará, Ojala […]

I know you. I know the hole, the hole in your shoe, and you come and go, and you’ll reap, you’ll reap what you sow. But it’s too late now, and you can’t back out, and I’ll be home before it gets dark. You know me. You know how my songs repeat, and I saved […]

Well it’s 11 a.m. and we’re still sitting around, trying to get off our asses and get out of town but the car’s not packed, the drummer’s still asleep, and we’re all hungover and there’s nothing to eat. We could still seize the day. Instead we light another jay. We’ll never get anywhere, anyway. There’s […]

Hey! It got away, now it’s gone, and it is not coming back. Say farewell, and carry on. Here comes your first heart attack. The sky turns black. The leaves turn brown. The snow falls down, down, down. And all the knots I’ve tied, All the lipstick I’ve applied, And all the tears I’ve dried, […]

Man in a boat with a dream to sail from Berkley down to Baja, and onward, Through the canal, and around, and across the sea to Turkish Islands. So, so far, so good, but sailors always were misunderstood. Red, red sky at night; that is their delight. Red sky in the morning, you just ignore […]

Weigh me down like an anchor. Hold me down like a stone. Cover me like a blanket. Make me a box and call it home. Light my path like a lantern. Shine for me like the North Star. Send a flare up to the heavens, So I can find you when I’m far. Wrap your […]

I love you darling, you know it’s true, but if you don’t believe me then I’ll prove it to you. You know I’m not a millionaire but I’ve got a credit card, and if you want I’ll treat you like a movie star. I’ll take you shopping in Dubai All the love that money can […]

Time in the car feels wasted, speed and desperation. Slow for the rest stop, coffee, gas, desolation. More shiny metal boxes slipping through the morning. Crash; we’re each glad it wasn’t us, as we drive right past. You still want it but you don’t even know what it is or what you want it for. […]

Febrero 14, 2012. Granja Penal, Comayagua, Honduras. Con 360 muertos, fue el fuego penitenciario más mortal en la historia recordada. Entre los muertos estaban las esposas de encarcelados en visita conyugal.///With a death toll of 360, this is the deadliest prison fire in recorded history. Among the dead were the spouses of inmates on conjugal […]

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