2302, 2016

If (Official Music Video)

Stop-motion film directed by Mario Escobar, performed by Camille Collins and the band. 2016.

2006, 2014

Seize the Day (Official Music Video)

Funny little video for a rough recorded song. "Well it's 11am, & we're still sitting around tryin to get off our asses and get out of town, but the cars not packed, and the drummers still asleep, and we're all hung over ... read more

2311, 2012

Aquellos Diciembres “Como Mataremos a San Nicolas” (Official Music Video)

Free song download:    / aquellos-diciembr...   Filmed in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Noviembre 2012 (letra/lyrics al final) Producción: Érika Archaga Director/Editor/Cinematografía: Michael Bendeck Asistente de Producción: Inés Rodas Asistente de Cámara: Kevin García Dirección de Arte: Ramón Archaga Vestuario: Lucia Mendoza Agradecimientos: Miguel Zambrano y ... read more

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